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MuscleCare Is the All-Natural Formula You Can Trust to Effectively Soothe Muscle Pain Instantly for Lasting Results

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MuscleCare Is Long-Lasting Relief from
Chronic Pains

116 million Americans suffer from life-altering chronic pain. That’s the bad news. The good news? Well, that’s MuscleCare! This all-natural magnesium-based product was not only created by an actual doctor, but it's clinically-tested and scientifically proven to more effective than other national pain brands! It attacks pain without using addictive drugs or harmful chemicals. Now that’s something to get excited about.

Effective Pain Relief

Effective Pain Relief

Relief that soothes sore muscle and joint pain and lasts approximately 8 hours per application.

Risk Free Assurance

Risk Free Assurance

FDA-approved natural ingredients, combined with free shipping and a money-back guarantee makes this purchase a no-brainer.



Backed by scientific research performed with the highest standards, and formulated by Dr. Chris Oswald in Toronto, Canada.


Backed by Science and Trusted by People Everywhere

MuscleCare is the best. Why? Because it’s a bio-innovation in magnesium absorption that has been shown to clinically and scientifically reduce pain, inflammation, and spasms in all age groups. This pain reliever actually pushes magnesium into your muscles to drive out the pain! That’s the reason MuscleCare has over 1 million satisfied customers, and why 80% of users recommend it to a friend or loved one!

An Effective and Natural
Solution for the Pains of Life

Is MuscleCare too good to be true? No! It is true! In fact, it was put to a clinically controlled double-blind comparison study and MuscleCare Roll-on outperformed national brands tested in the reduction of pain. It was also determined that the product poses no risk for pregnant women suffering with pain, either! So what are you waiting for?! Get this amazing pain reliever today.

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MuscleCare’s Competition is No Comparison

MuscleCare Heat and Cooling Gels
All-natural and carcinogen-free yes-icon no-icon Can contain harmful additives
Pleasant wintergreen aroma yes-icon no-icon Often strong, unpleasant smell
Completely safe for pregnant women yes-icon no-icon Need to check with your doctor before use
Lasts about 8 hours per applicaton yes-icon no-icon Need to reapply all the time
Mess-free application yes-icon no-icon Messy and sticky



Heat and Cooling Gel

Heat and Cooling Gel

The Number 1 Choice for
Easy, Quick Pain Relief

Instantly End Your Pain
With MuscleCare

The People Have Spoken…

5 star

I would like to express how grateful I am for MuscleCare Roll-on. I have a lovely lady who is 91 years old and gets so much relief with your MuscleCare products. She uses it all over for aches and pains and honestly is able to get around still, thanks to your product.

Lydia R.
Santa Fe, NM
5 star

I have been using MuscleCare for years and it has been so helpful in reducing my arthritic pain, especially at night. Recently I've developed neuropathy in my legs and feet and rubbing on the cream is miraculous. I'm looking forward to trying the roll-on on my thigh muscles and feet.

Shirley D.
San Bernardino, CA
5 star

I am very happy. I have been using Musclecare for many years, and I like it. I am standing for 10 hours every day. I keep it with me, and I apply when my knee hurts. Thanks very much, it’s a wonderful product. I tried everything - this is the best.

Tina R.
Gatlinburg, TN

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Jan B.

star icon Jan B. 

Verified Buyer

Sacramento, CA

My low-back osteoarthritis can keep me up at night. I always have my MuscleCare nearby to help me get a pain-free and restful sleep.

Dale P.

4 star Dale P.

Verified Buyer

Phoenix, AZ

I never leave home without MuscleCare and because of it, I never suffer from low-back pain during long drives.

Dr. Jacki W.

star icon Dr. Jacki W.

Verified Buyer

Richmond, VA

My patients love it because it feels great on the application and has lasting effects. It's perfect for stiff and sore muscles or arthritis flare-ups. The MuscleCare extra-strength roll-on is perfect for anyone on the go.

Gwen T.

star icon Gwen T.

Verified Buyer

Buffalo, NY

Never have I experienced such a relief so fast. Had a severe muscle cramp in the leg a couple of nights ago. I used this and it took it away within five minutes. GREAT. Please don’t stop carrying this product.

James K.

star icon James K.

Verified Buyer

New Orleans, LA

Your topical is the ONLY one out there that helps take the edge off my neck, low back and bilateral leg pain. And trust me when I say...I've tried them all! Even prescribed topical meds don't seem to work as nicely as this!

James K.

star icon James K.

Verified Buyer

Seattle, WA

I use MuscleCare on my back and my Carpal Tunnel pain. I would like to say to everyone with any kind of pain, who have tried everything, try MuscleCare.

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Question: How does MuscleCare work?

MuscleCare tackles your pain in two ways. First, it numbs the pain for instant relief using specific pain-killing ingredients. Second, it soothes the flared-up muscle or joint by pushing pain-causing waste build-up out of your body for longer-lasting relief.

Question: Are there any harmful chemicals in MuscleCare like there are in other leading brands?

MuscleCare products contain no coloring or dyes and are free from parabens and cancer-causing preservatives. Parabens have been found in many types of cancers. But you won’t have to worry about that with MuscleCare. We use a safe and all-natural formula approved by the FDA.

Question: Is MuscleCare hot or cold when applied?

Neither! Other products attempt to mask your pain with hot or cold sensations. Not MuscleCare! Instead of any hot or cold feeling, it’ll feel more like a moisturizer at room temperature for fast-acting pain relief that goes to work in seconds.

Question: Will MuscleCare stain my clothes?

No. MuscleCare is a stainless product that’s fabric-safe on clothes, bed sheets, furniture, and more.

Question: Does MuscleCare have a strong smell?

Nope. There is a pleasant wintergreen smell that will quickly disappear within 60 seconds after the nutrients are absorbed into your muscles.

Question: Is MuscleCare messy?

Not at all. In fact, you won’t have to use your hands to rub anything in. Our Roll-on makes it convenient to send pain relief straight to the source of your aches without any mess on your hands.


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